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Topic: Memorized bank Deposits


The information was very helpful, but it did not solve my problem.  However, I was able to solve it with the help of the information provided.  The following is what I determined was the problem:


First, I opened one of the sample companies in QuickBooks and then I created two memorized deposits which worked just fine when I posted them.  Then I created a second bank account number.  When I open the memorized deposits, the original bank account number I had entered in the memorize the deposit had changed to the new bank account number.  This happen to both of the memorized deposits.  I then created a third bank account number and the same thing happen.  The memorized deposits now had the third bank account number.  In both cases when I changed the bank account number back to the original, I memorized the deposit again.  I then closed the memorized deposit.  When I reopened the memorized deposits the bank account number had changed back to the third bank account number.


Then I opened my working QuickBooks file.  Every memorized deposit had the wrong account number.  When I made a single letter change in the bank account name and went back to my memorized deposits, everyone had the new (correct) account number for the deposit account.  I repeated this several times with several of my other bank account numbers and every time a change was made to account name all of my memorized deposit accounts had changed to the new account number.  Regardless of what I did I could not get the correct bank account number until I made a change to the account number name that I wanted.  


I hope this information is of help to you and thanks again for your help.


Roger Dumm

E-mail:  [email address removed]

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