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Re: Client Accounts

Hi there,


1. Do I have to buy a subscription for each client even though they will continue to give me a box of paper files.

When you are an accountant you should have an accountant profile. This can be set up directly with QuickBooks Online.


2. I do most of my analysis work on excel. Can I simply upload trial balance to QuickBooks for each client and if so, how?

You will upload your trial balance directly to QuickBooks Online. This also works the other way where you can export the trial balance out of QuickBooks into excel.


3. As my clients are paper based, I don't have the option of linking bank accounts electronically. Can I manually enter the transactions, and if so how?

Ideally it is best to get bank accounts linked up as this will speed up the process. However you can manually upload excel files into QuickBooks in bulk which may speed up the manual process a little. This video may help: 


4. For my bigger clients, MTD is obviously going to be an issue both for VAT and in later years corporation tax. Is QuickBooks set up to meet the requirements of MTD?

Yes QuickBooks is set up for HMRC VAT requirements.


As QuickBooks Firm of the Future for this year, we would be happy to help with nay questions you may have. Please get in touch with me via private mail if you need any assistance with anything.