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First pay run - director question



The company in question has a sole director who has not been paid nor on the payroll since company registration a few months ago.

Now, company has signed up for PAYE and all is set to run the first payroll.

When adding this sole employee (who's also the sole director) in quickbooks, the system asks:

- Under 'employment details', about the 'Start date'. So that would be July 2018.

- Under 'tax information', if the person is a director. So that's a yes.

- Under 'tax information' too, about the 'appointment date' is. What should be entered here? The date the company was registered and became active (several months ago), or the date the director became an employee (July 2018)?

If it's the former, what difference does the appointment date make if the director was not an employee at that time?

And what difference is there between an employee who is a director, versus one who isn't (tax and PAYE wise).


Thanks for your time