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Thanks for the reply. My concern was that HMRC would receive duplicate FPS. If the payroll has already been run and all FPS submitted to HMRC, if I then delete the payroll, re-run the payroll with 1 record changed and re-submit all the FPS, are you saying that those FPS will replace, not duplicate, the previous FPS in the HMRC system? I understand the QB ledger will be fine, it's the HMRC I am worried about.


My other thought was to post the additional payment to a suspense account and then pick up the additional in next month's pay run? Seems to be a valid reason to submit a 'late' FPS according to


Situation When to report

You make an ad hoc payment outside of your regular payroll, for example you’re told after you’ve sent your FPS about a new starter or a missed overtime payment. (Payments made regularly outside your normal payroll run are not ad hoc)In your next regular FPS or an additional FPS