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My subscription to QB's payroll expired - and created a problem when running payroll.

My subscription to QB's payroll expired - I ran payroll without noticing this message.  After running payroll I received a message that I had to renew my subscription or certain features of payroll would not run correctly.  I updated my credit card information - the system said that I had the most up to date data for tax tables and I clicked 'OK' and moved on to run payroll.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the 'reactivate subscription' message hadn't cleared and I ran payroll and printed the checks.  The taxes ran correctly and I paid those however, the system did not deduct the amounts from the paychecks. I had to wait for Monday for the subscription reactivation to actually clear but, now I have two paychecks that are incorrect - I have already paid out the taxes.  The paycheck information is incorrect in the paycheck detail - so how do I correct the checks - these have not yet been given to the employees yet. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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