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Re: 941 Refund check left me with an overdue payroll liability

You'll want to run the Payroll Liability Balances report, WeissF. 


Let's check to see which federal taxes were overpaid. I'll show you how:


  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select Employees and Payroll
  3. Choose Payroll Liability Balances.
  4. In the From and To drop-down, you'll want to select 10/01/2018-12/31/2018.
  5. Click Refresh


Afterwards, let's create the refund check. Here are the steps: 


  1. Click Employees
  2. Select Payroll Taxes and Liabilities. Then, Deposit Refund of Liabilities
  3. In the Vendor drop-down, choose United States Treasury (the name depends on your setup). 
  4. In the Deposit To drop-down, choose the right checking account. 
  5. Under Item Name, choose the federal taxes which were overpaid. 
  6. Enter the refund amount in the Amount column.
  7. In the Refund Date, choose the date of the check. 
  8. For Period Beginning, choose the first date of the liability period. 
  9. Once done, click OK


I've attached sample screenshots below.  Based on the images, there were overpayment for the federal taxes in July 2019. I chose 07/01/2019 for For Period Beginning date. 


PLB Report


Refund Check


Let me know if you need more help with your Payroll Taxes. Just leave a comment below.