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"Reagan Jones with Jones Janitorial paying me as a subcontractor 12.00 an hour to clean a bank monday,Wednesday,  and Friday making only 360.00 a month."

None of this applies to the test for "Worker Misclassification" in the US.

"I am providing my own supplies used to do complete the project."

It isn't just Supplies. It includes Equipment. It includes Risk; if you Break a Window or damage a desk, who will pay for the damage? Who has the General Liability insurance for this Contract?

"Is this ok with the government? I said ok cus it probably is legal if Reagan said it is ok to pay me an hourly rate."

Hourly Rate is not the issue.

It's like this:

If the Janitorial Company has the contract with the bank, and they subcontract to you, you need to Contract between the janitorial service and you. You don't use the Floor Polisher that Jones Janitorial brings over once a month; you need to buy or rent one Yourself. You don't get the equipment repair person from Jones to come fix anything, unless you then Pay Them for this. When you are running your own Business, you are At Risk, and you incur the costs for the benefit of the income.

"I caculated taxes and an I am not even making minuim wage with the assigned work."

That also doesn't apply, if you really are in business for yourself.

You are posting on a QuickBooks user forum on the internet. You seem to have an Employment Law question. Call your State's Department of Labor for more help.

"You should receive a 1099 by 1/31 of every year since your remuneration exceeds 600 annually"

The Regulation reads as "At Least $600." It is not Exceeds.

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