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Paying Bonuses at year end

We are LLC on cash basis

We were advised by our accountant that we could pay Bonuses to employees up to 15 days after the close of 2018 (by 1/15/2019)

Once the payroll was ran in Jan. we would need for quick books to adjust the bonus checks & payroll tax back to Dec 31 2018. so that the W2's & payroll tax would reflect the bonus in 2018. 

If we actually run the pay checks in quick books for 1/15/19 pay date, how does that work for paying the  payroll tax to the IRS for the bonuses?  It would be 100K or greater tax liability so we would need to be paid by  1/16/19.  If the bonuses show  on the 2018 payroll tax reports, won't they be penalizing for late payroll tax payment?  Thanks


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