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Re: Payroll

The Preference needs to be set for "Class Tracking Per Earnings Item." You see in my attachment (which you can view and do not need to download) that the Salary Item then is Reiterated = put on multiple lines, to split and allocate Amount per Class. It is not Two Salaries. It is that One Person, their salary allocated.


QB does not have an automatic one line. Your Settings and how you use the function controls how many lines it is. Nothing about this is Automatic; it is up to you to set up and use what you need.


Stop using Class for the Employee Name. Change your preference to Class per Earnings item.


A JE makes No Sense; you just bypassed Payroll functions and made a brute force accounting entry. And you handled the data more than once. Why would anyone want to do all the work once, then make More Work because you simply didn't bother to set up the functions that would have already handled this for you? Handling the data more than once never makes sense, and leads to potential errors. And if you Change your Preferences to Job and Class Track Per Earnings Item and select to Job and Class Track Expenses in that same Preferences scree, the employer's share of taxes are also already split and allocated by class. Why try to do all of that manually, after you already ran payroll, when payroll could be doing all of it for you?


You can "got to support" if you want to, but I have been teaching QB Fundamentals, including a specific class named "QB and Payroll" since 2008. I have been a year end panelist for Intuit regarding Payroll. The Support people don't know as much as I do, which is why I volunteer to answer, and that is why there are some of us labeled All Stars.


Good Luck.