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Payroll "Save For Later" Not Saving Regular Hours

I currently have it setup so that we have multiple 'services' that we perform and bill the customer for (rigger, rigger overtime, rigger doubletime). We punch these against projects using the enter weekly time ticket so that when we go to invoice they can be carried over to the invoice easily. That seems to work great.

However, when I go to punch payroll, regardless of whether I put it to overtime or doubletime services, it still puts the hours in the employee's regular hours.

I manually move the OT/DT hours to their proper categories in the payroll section, and hit 'save for later'. When I come back, the OT/DT hours are still in their proper columns BUT it also reset the regular hours to their original totals, meaning all the OT/DT hours are doubled. 

I am essentially unable to use the 'save for later' feature because of this, since I would have to fix time for 15 employees every time I use it.

Is there a better way for me to be doing this or is this a known issue?

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