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Re: Thanks for posting in the Intuit Community, telkins, Let...

I appreciate the response and your reply is spot on if the system is working properly.   In fact, my case was added to an investigation because the reports are NOT pulling the correct information.  For instance, certain vendors are NOT even showing up on the 1099 report because certain expense payments are NOT being pulled on the report but clearly you can see these payments within their vendor profile.   In fact we (with the QBO help desk person), we tried to add a new expense account and re-assign these payments to the new expense account and these payments are still not appearing in the QBO report.  


This is a major major problem.    All the data is inputted correctly but QBO's 1099 reports are not pulling the data as it should which puts me in the very bad situation since my plan was to mail these out this week.   Having twins next week so I don't have time or the luxury for QBO to sit on their hands and ignore this issue.   This is a simple 1099 report ( worked perfectly well last year) that needs to work and I'm shocked that this is not getting rectified yesterday.    Case # [removed] for your reference and hope someone can help get this rectified ASAP!  Thanks for your reply!


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