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Booking Employer contributions to 401k

I'm sure this question has been raised, but I can't find an answer.  We use Intuit Enhanced payroll with Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus 2016.  Using payroll, how should Employer contributions to a 401K be entered?  I know how to book Employee contributions - create a 401K deduction. 

More info: When payment to the 401K plan custodian (Nationwide Trust) for profit-sharing (deferred compensation/401(k) plan) was made, the entry recording the check was a debit to profit sharing expense.

Question: using payroll, how to enter employer 401K  contributions, so annual payroll reports show the amount of contributions made.  (I understand that employer contribution amounts do not show on paychecks, but do show on certain payroll reports).   

Related tax question:  After perusing (reading closely) IRS W-2 instructions,  I nowhere reporting the amount of employer contributions to a deferred compensation plan is required.  Have I overlooked this requirement? 


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