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Paid Time Off Per Hour Worked

I had noticed while doing payroll the other day that an employee who had been using their Sick Pay more often than some others, still had nearly 30 in reserve, which shouldn't have been the case, since they should have maxed out accruing sick/vacation hours by that time. What I realized was that while most employees had maxed out their hours, the ones who had been using them, continued to accrue back up toward the maximum set. This is obviously unfair to other employees and seems to be a glitch with QB's settings. The only other option is to give employees 40 hrs at the beginning of the year/ or beginning the date they start work, which is not preferred, because the new employees have not yet earned the time off. The Sick Pay option in QB gives the illusion that the accrued hours will max out at the allotted set, but it is deceiving and surely has not been noticed by many business owners utilizing QB Online. It would be very appreciated to our store, and certainly all other businesses utilizing QB, if the accrual method (per required by law) and 'max out' setting could be revised to max out 'per year' and not simply until an employee utilizes them. Essentially, that is allowing for 'Unlimited' sick/vacation pay to be accrued. If that was the setting we were looking for, we would have selected that in the options. I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue and possibly found a remedy?

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