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Changing Unemployment tax rate for manual payroll

I am using QB Desktop Pro 2016 and I use manual payroll.  I have used manual payroll for 3 years now, but this is the first year that my PA State Unemployment rate has changed.  

QB will not allow me to edit the payroll tax item to change the company tax limit, nor can I change the employee tax rate from .07% to .06%.  I was only able to change my company tax rate amount, not the limit. Again, this is for PA state.  I tried making this item inactive and creating a new one, but QB gives error that payroll state item is already defined and can be  edited.    

I do not have an option under employee to update tax table (assume because using manual payroll).  

Is it possible to update the tax rate, again I am using MANUAL payroll, or am I now to a point where I have to use qb payroll services?

I have scanned thru hundreds of topics on updating state uc rate, but none seem to be for manual payroll users.

I appreciate any assistance.



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