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Re: Any way to report paid time off?

Welcome back to our forum, @eeei732,


Thanks for providing us an update about the Tsheets and QBO integration and for following the recommended steps provided by my peer  HoneyLynn_G. I want to make sure you're able to import all the information correctly in QBO.


What get's imported into QBO depends on how the items are formatted on your time-tracking application. To get the figures reflect on the QBO reports accurately, I'd recommend getting in touch with TSheets Support.


They can help you set the imported file and check unmapped items to make sure you can complete the integration. They can also check if there are missing information that's causing the incorrect reporting in QBO. To contact them, please check this link: TSheets Care Support


That should connect you to our Live Support Team. Please update me on the outcome, @eeei732. I want to ensure this issue gets addressed immediately. Have a good one!