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Re: Update QuickBooks

@Electrician wrote:

I have QUickBooks for MAC 2016.  I originally had 2013 but it told me that it had to be updated.  Now it is telling me that again.


I am happy with 2016.  If I keep it, I will lose the ability to connect to my bank and credit card account.  I use TD Bank for checking and Chase for a credit card.  Can I just download a file from them and upload it into QuickBooks?  


Also, does all the software updates stop?  Such as security patches, etc?

Yes, all updates stop. No new security patches, no protection from new threats from the dark web in addition to what you already know that you can't, after May 31st,use direct bank feeds, or INtuit merchant services or anyone else's to directly accept customer payments inside QB - or run payroll service ( you can still separately use Square or PayPal, you just cannot connect; you can manually calculate payroll but will have to seek out forms somewhere else and file everything yourself)  No more efiling of anything - including sales tax.


One year ago I would have informed you that since mac 2016 was the last mac version from QuicBooks ever that you would have to consider alternative software which could have included QB fro PC running in BootCamp and windows on a mac - but since then after enough outrage QB decided to bring back QB for Mac and introduced the 2019 edition.


Today, right now, almost any source - $200 gets you QB2019 to replace QB2016 and it is fully supported with updates and all the other bells and whistles until May 31st 2022. That , amortized is less than $6/month, one less grande latte with sprinkles per month, one less McD's 2 cheeseburger meal per month.


Or you coould get talked into QBO, the online version that while it has a promo fro 6 months at half price ($30) jumps up to $60. month forever, well, until they raise the price and they will raise the price. You will pay almost as much for just the first 6 months of online as you would for 3 years of desktop. Maybe being able to access your books from your phone while on a job or allow other members of your business to access the books all at the same time makes enough difference but if not, do the math. $200 for guaranteed reliability and use as you have been or $1,980 over three years for the closest QBO product comparable to your current desktop version