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QB Workforce NOT THE SAME as ViewMyPaycheck

The below statement that only the formatting has changed between QB Workforce and ViewMyPaycheckis FALSE!  My employees cannot see the most critical item to them - their vaction and sick balances.  I clicked on everything clickable in that window - incuding the last paycheck, which has only no available balances; these are not visible and the old functionality is supported for eployees.  (In addition, this switch was implemented with no notice to me as an employer). 




>>Has anything besides the look of ViewMyPaycheck changed?

No. Paychecks and the most recent W-2 form will still be visible in QuickBooks Workforce as they are today. To ensure we match the employee with the correct payroll information, employees will still need to provide their Social Security Number and the net pay of their most recent paycheck when accessing QuickBooks Workforce for the first time, or from a new browser. Employees with multiple employers will still be able to add additional employers to the new QuickBooks Workforce .<<

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