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Re: Prenote for Employee direct deposits?

Hello there, @ekileen.


Thanks for reaching out to us about setting up direct deposit. I can share some insights about the prenote time frame.


Intuit will make 2 small debits (less than a dollar) on your account within two banking days of the Direct Deposit activation process. This is done to verify that you're the authorized user and if the account is ready for payroll transactions and fees.


To start using the service, make sure to enter these test debits. Here's how:

  1. Click the Employees menu.
  2. Choose My Payroll Service.
  3. Click Activate Direct Deposit.
  4. Enter the Test Debits.

You will also have to set up your employee's bank account information in QuickBooks:

  1. Click the Employees menu.
  2. Choose Employee Center.
  3. Under the Employee tab, double-click the employee's name.
  4. Select Payroll Info tab.
  5. Click the Direct Deposit button.
  6. Put a check mark on the Use Direct Deposit for: *Employee name* box.
  7. Enter the necessary information.
  8. Select OK to save the information.
  9. Enter your direct deposit PIN when prompted.


You should be able to process Direct Deposit after verifying your bank and setting up your employee's bank information, ekileen.


Please take note that you must send the Direct Deposit to Intuit before 5 pm PST, two banking days before the check date. That way, your employees will receive their pay on time.  To know more about direct deposit processing timeline, I recommend checking the link.


That should do it, ekileen. Let me know if you have follow up questions about direct deposit. I'm still here to provide answers. Have a good one!

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