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Employee-Paid Expenses and Reimbursements: Double-Counted

I'm trying to figure out how to stop double-counting my employee-paid expenses and the payroll reimbursement. Whenever I follow the recommended methods for employee reimbursement, I end up with the same problem. 


1) I had several employee-paid business expenses to reimburse for office supplies, capital items, etc. 


2) For each receipt, I selected the employee as the payee, designated the corporate bank account as the payment account (it's the only option available), and entered how the employee paid. 


3) I entered each expense, properly categorized it (e.g. FFE, General Office Expenses, etc), and included the taxes paid. 


4) I ran payroll for each employee, entering the amount due to each employee as the (non-taxable) amount to be paid. 


Problem: Both the total amounts for the employee-paid expenses entered, as well as the payroll item for the paid reimbursements are both taken out from my QBO banking account balance. 


How do I properly account for both items? Or, how to I properly reconcile my QBO bank account balance with the balance in QBO without losing any of the information concerning the items purchased and the payroll reimbursements? Every time I think I've come up with a solution, it doesn't work.