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Re: Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager

Good afternoon, @mecoover75.


I want to make sure you can use your scanner with QuickBooks. I have some steps for you to verify that everything is set up properly to use your scanner. If you are scanning documents for the first time, you need to set up the QuickBooks Scan Manager for QuickBooks Attached Documents. Here's How: 

Note: Your scanner must be TWAIN compliant in order to work with QuickBooks.

  • From the icon bar in QuickBooks, select Docs to bring up the Doc Center.
  • Select Scan a Document.
  • Click New to set up a new profile.
  • Edit the name of your profile, then click Continue.
  • Adjust the profile settings as necessary, and then click Save.
    Note: Your scanned documents will be saved in the same location as the company file (.QBW). If you want to change the location, you will have to move your company file.
  • Highlight your profile, then click Select.
  • In the Select Scanner window, choose Scanner Setup Wizard.
    Note: The Current Selection field should list your scanner. If you do not see your scanner listed, select the Yes radio button then click Next to download the latest scanner database from Nuance.
  • Choose the appropriate mode.
  • Check the Perform Tests box, then click Next.
  • Select the tests you want to run, then select Next twice to start testing your Scanner.
  • You should see the test page you scanned in place of “Your scanner document here.” Check the Repeat this test in order to check all modes box, then click Next to continue testing in other available modes.

Once you have tested every mode, and everything works correctly, you can use your scanner with QuickBooks Scan Manager. Should you still have issues after trying these steps, I'm attaching an article with additional options to resolve this. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions for me. 

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