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Still a bit scared to try updating to Windows 10 as I did this when Quickbooks 2016 originally came out(Sep 2015)and had many issues with PDFs for invoicing. 

Ended up having to roll back to windows 8.1 on a brand new laptop which had been specifically bought to support the new quickbooks software. Many hours, and I do mean hours on the phine to Quickbooks failed to solve the problem. Spent so much time that there helpline timed out and the operator was still trying to fix my system remotely. Eventually the operator staed I should try a new computer and that full compatibility would be expected by December.... I waited and phoned in January where I was told there still wasn't full compatibility. This was a full four months after the initial launch of Quickbooks 2016. 

I am waiting until I do my full end of year results before attempting another upgrade. It is particularly frustrating as I am stuck with a clunky Windows 8.1 set-up on a brand new laptop.

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