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Re: How to get an export with all the data - including my attachments when transferring from Online to Desktop

So, Intuit increased my monthly cost (I made no changed from about $13.95/month last month to $36/month this month.  They said they wouldn't but they did.  This is a 158% increase in one month.  So, I decided to get the desktop version  for my Mac only to learn that the only way to get the data from online is using a windows based solution - Brilliant Intuit - genius!  Spent time on the phone and they finally got around to telling me they could do it for me for the small price of $400 to $500!  Really Intuit?  That is gouging your customers.  So I got windows on my mac and downloaded Quickbooks Desktop for Windows 2019 and found out that this doesnt work either - you must get the Enterprise version but guess what - there is no trial version of this.  So the suggestion was that I purchase the Enterprise version so I could get the data from online into a file that my Mac could use.  Great job Intuit.  Great Job!  If only Rube Goldberg were here to see this - he would have smiled.