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@greenroomla wrote:

I'm thinking about upgrading from desktop Pro 2018 to desktop Premier 2019.  Will I be able to use my existing data file?  Or will I need to start from scratch and manually enter all of my customer information, etc in order to use Premier?  Thank you

To answer your questions


when you install use the custom install option and insure that  the install path ends in the year or the software being installed 2-3 screens later) - that way the new year version will **not** overwrite the old.


Yes, when you open 2019, QB finds the 2018 file and offers to convert it to the 2019 format.  You will not have to reenter anything.  Pro and premier use the same data file, the only difference is functions in premier are more flexible.


a file converted to the 2019 format can not be used by 2018, so if you want you can uninstall 2018 at that point, after you are sure there were no issues in updating

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