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It's good to have you here, @nwhitlock,


Normally, the type of transactions received in QuickBooks as long as it follows the default template will have the same format when imported. If you need an app to convert them when imported is through a third-party app.


We have this website where you can find tools that's right for you. Click this link to visit our site:


If you need help with app suggestions and integrations, we have a separate forum called Intuit Developers. This is where you can find and connect with brilliant developers like you. 


They can help with app recommendations, give real-time advice with tools that's perfect for you. You can also take part with our software developments and innovate business applications for QuickBooks.


I'm adding these links below for you to get in touch with them:


Ask questions to our developers: Intuit Developer Support

Create your Developer profile: Create an Intuit developer account


If you have other questions or need further assistance with anything in QuickBooks, I'll always be here for you. Have a nice day!

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