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Re: Import Transaction to a MAC

In QB MAC 2016, we import all Invoices and Sales receipts via a tab delineated .iif file.  


I received a call back and form QB and they said that 2019 does take in the iif file.  I have been importing into QB for PC since 2004.... I started working with the MAC 2016 recently.  However, now one of my clients us using 2019 and each time they go to import... it asks to do back up.  She does.. but no sales are going in... it does nothing.  


I have been on the phone twice today.  My client has been on the phone once.  


1. Her first call QB MAC support said... 2019 does not support import iif file (yet I know I do with 2016).

2. My next call said that it s a bug and they need to fix it. 

3. The last call I got hey said YES... it does work and it works now.   My client needs to call them back. 


So this whole thing has me confused.  First call says no... second says its a bug and third says it can.   

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