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Re: Limit to how old data file is and size

hi @ tci1161 ,


We always recommend these following points with our clients in Indonesia and Asia similar to your case:

1. You could have and maintain only 1 QBW file as long as you prefer. 


2. The Enterprise version was designed to handle a much larger data file than Pro/Premier. There are many businesses running smoothly today with data files over 1 GB (like you for sure). There is no hard and fast rule yet on this topic. Nor is there any way to know exactly how many invoices, estimates, etc. will get your data file to become “too big”.


3. You should consider to upgrade to 2019 version and condense the file by yourselves. Next, you should consider to separate it as an preventive maintenance. First period might be 1994-2010, and the second one might be 2011-current. Just my 2 cents 8)

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