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Thank you for your response but as explained by users above, this workaround of checking the audit log is entirely useless when you are trying to figure out WHICH customers may have bouncing emails.  Our techs add several customers a week plus many of our customers change managers, management companies, etc quite regularly.  This means new bouncing emails crop up every week.  It is entirely unrealistic for users to check the audit log for EVERY customer on a weekly basis to make sure no invoices are being kicked back. 


I worked for IBM for 10 years on the development team (testing new releases) prior to running our home business so it is very surprising to lose functionality so regularly.  We appreciate the desire of QB to release new functionality in a timely fashion but it is extremely frustrating when features are lost in the process. 


A bigger beta test team would be a simple solution to making sure functionality is not lost in the process of rolling out new functionality. I'm sure many of your customers would be more than willing to be part of a group such as this.  You could count me in. 

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