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Enterprise 18: I have the same problem as Perrin since I started using QB years ago... I have tried every combination under "Desktop View" Preferences... it saves it and works several times, but once every week or two, it loses the settings.  Maybe it is occurring when my computer has to restart at night for updates, or when we connect to it remotely??  Either way, it should NEVER lose these settings... VERY ANNOYING... especially when we have to pay $2,500+ per year for a product.  If I knew which preference file or registry key these settings were saved in, I could copy it out to my desktop and overwrite them when it gets screwed up... this would be better than having to take 10 minutes out of my day to get the windows set back up the way I want them!
Oh, and I don't want to "View One Window"  -  I want to have multiple windows arranged the way I want them... is this the problem?  The "View Multiple Windows" option doesn't work properly?  If not, why?

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