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Seeking a payroll partner in the US.

Good morning,

We like to start a new US entity and we need payroll services, and maybe Intuit could assist us by this services?


Total Corbion PLA is a relatively new company (started in 2017) to manufacture and sell bio-plastic.  We are a joint venture between Total (a French oil/gas company) and Corbion (a Dutch bio-tech company).  We are based in the Netherlands and have a manufacturing site in Thailand, but as we expand our sales efforts we are looking to create a legal entity in the US.

 For additional information about our company you can look also on:

for more information.

 In the manufacturing site in Thailand are working about 100 fte, in the Netherlands 20fte and we think for the next two years 5 fte will join us in the US.

We are a fast growing company and we are expand our sales efforts also to the US. We already have two sales managers / directors working in the US and also a sales support employee. We hire them from our parent companies at this moment.

The employees working and living  throughout the States (Minnesota, Kansas, New Jersey).

We are in the first stage of the legal set-up in the US. The agreement with the lawyers is signed. Our next steps will include:

  • Legal set-up of the US company(, will be finalized this week)
  • Open a bank-account with our house banker (HSBC) (after getting the info of the legal setup, they will start this week to open a bankaccount).

Of course we do a lot of more steps, but these are the important ones to describe them for you.

Project :

As we create a US subsidiary, we will need help to manage payroll and benefits for about five employees. (This could grow in the future, but we will start small.)  Our two parent companies (Total and Corbion) will transfer a few employees to us once we set-up our new legal entity.  We would like to be able to provide benefits to these employees that are similar to the benefits they receive now from their current employers.  Since we are small, we don’t have immediate plans to hire payroll and benefits employees and hope to find a partner in the US to help with these activities.



We would like to hear from you what the costs will be for a small company like us, when we hire the services of your payroll company, and what you recommend for us? We like to give a good health and dentist insurance/benefit to our employees also, maybe you can help us with this?

Maybe you could first start to mail the answers on our questions and afterwards we have a talk with each other?

For you information, I am not familiar with the payroll in the US, so some background will help me also.

Our CFO is an US -citizen, and he will assist me also with the search of a partner in the US to help us with the payroll activities.

Herbert van het Reve

Finance Specialist TotalCorbion PLA