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Is anyone else p'd off with Quickbooks with the false advertising of the supposedly "free" Zoho expense tracking app??

The information that Quickbooks have provided within Quickbooks Online is totally different from what is on the actual Zoho web site.

Quickbooks claim that the cost for 1 user on a standard plan is $3 per month. And that the free plan has up to 3 users.

However, when you look at pricing on the Zoho web site, the free plan is totally useless because it doesn't even integrate with Quickbooks Online, while the $3 per month plan actually requires a minimum of 10 users, so it's actually something like $300 per year instead of $36.

Being a sole trader I was really interested until I dug deeper.

Better fix this Quickbooks (Intuit) or the ACCC will be able to fine you for false and misleading advertising.