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Re: Upgrade to QB online migration

Hello Raymond, many thanks for your response,  our case has been "in process" since the 26th April. 


When we message we are told they will come back to us when a technician is in.  


Last Wednesday I telephoned (8th May) to try and establish if anything further was required from us and to get an update as it had been in process for over two weeks at this stage.  My frustration is over the lack of update and communication, if we did not update a Customer in over two weeks and did not proactively update and return calls we would not be able to continue to operate! 


If I operated in the same way, I would have lost my job by now! Our Directors are back from their holiday today and I have to explain why this is still not resolved over two weeks later!  It is also holding up our end of year accounts....  and has been doing since the 11th April, when we signed up to online QB. 


Really disappointing and not quite up the promises on the TV ads!