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Hi Phoenixdad,


Thanks for your post. This is a common thing experienced, and its caused by the way our connection currently speaks to your bank. We effectively have the same barriers to the connection as you do when you log into your online banking, when you press update, the system logs into your online banking behind the scenes, downloads the statement, processes the information and presents it in your banking section. There are a few different ways to move forwards with this.


You can change your bank security. I'd be willing to gamble, that you currently have some form of pin-sentry, one-time-pass-code or key-code device which gives you a unique code that changes every time you log into your online banking website. If your bank allows, changing this to memorable information and then updating the connection. With memorable information (Character 1, 4 and 8) for example, the answer never changes, just the character the system needs.


Depending on your bank, you can use a direct feed; but this is only available with Nat-west, Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyd's & HSBC. You'll see an option for Direct Feed when you reconnect if your business account is with one of those Four.



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