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Re: Cash income reflects total amount of invoice including amount withheld for retainage.

Sheesh, @Malcolm Ziman


If I didn't think it would be Helpful, I would not have spent the time Explaining it. I Spent Time = you got some info from someone trying to be helpful. Don't Be Rude.


And is this directed at me or you? "I am not a psychologist but I believe this is called Personal Inadequacy Redirection"


I like to learn from others, so I looked up the explanation for your phrase, which I think you might want to investigate if you just misused it, and maybe you want to edit that input here:


Example: "People who abuse their intimate partners, for example, may do so because feelings of inadequacy compel them to blame their partners for any personal and relationship challenges and use abuse as a form of power. People who feel inadequate may also experience: Anxiety, particularly with regards to performance.'


I have no idea how that applies to showing the Behind The Scenes data flow for the process of the accounting for Retention as either Other Asset or Income.

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