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American Express Points Use and Credits

Starting with my November American Express statement, Amex began displaying points redemption as part of credits in dollars and the related purchases as part of new charges in dollars.  Prior to this it had always been done behind the scene as points and did not appear with all of the other credits and charges. The Amex bills now look crazy confusing with all of this extra activity.


This worked ok for November since point redemptions equaled the point purchases but not so good for December and January where the credits exceeded the point purchases both months due to returns.  For instance, an item that Amex points were used at Amazon in November appeared as a points credit and points purchase from November, but when the item was returned in December, it only appears as a credit.  As a result, I end up with a balance that can only be adjusted by reconciliation.  Is there a better way to deal with this since it's not really a reconciliation discrepancy IMO.  And if there is no other way, what type of detail do include with the reconciliation other than due to Amex points.