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hanks very much Betty.
Since I haven't closed the books in my company in at least 20 years, every
transaction and every Vendor is still in my company file.  Before updating
to Desktop 2019 for Mac, I had a couple of hundred vendors (many of which I
haven't used for 10 years) marked as *inactive*.  After updating my company
file all vendors are active again.  I thought why spend a lot of time
creating an inactive list when if I closed the books up to a date of 2012,
I could permanently delete the non used vendors. All these vendors were
paid many years ago so there would be no balances.

I may be wrong but I think if I close my books on 12/31/*2012*, non of my
current balances would change.  Since all of the old vendors bills have
been paid, I thought I could then delete the vendors.  Will that work?   I
imagine many businesses close their books each year.  I have a small
business so I stopped closing each year so I could go back a few years to
check something out if I ever needed to but 20 years is much more than I

Condensing is interesting but the size of  my data file is not really a
problem and since the transactions are still saved, I thought I might not
be able to delete the inactive vendors.

Would closing the books create any problems.

Thanks so much.



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