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Help fix an expense account that appears in Current Assets on the Balance Sheet

I've struggled with my Charitable Contributions account for years.  I think I understand how to properly record them going forward, however, I cannot get this account fixed for 2018.  Ours is a Veterinary business and the income data all moves into Quickbooks monthly as an IFF file.  Somewhere along the way I mapped the donated services to my "Charitable Contributions" expense account, which seems to have made things worse.  I have tried to edit the account following every tip I could find in this community, I've tried to adjust it multiple ways with a Journal entries (now deleted).  However, on the Balance Sheet, it is the first account listed: ASSETS: Current Assets: Checking/Savings: 6140 Charitable Contributions, the next line is my checking account and everything else is fine.  I know that it is offsetting either an account called Non-tax income or Cornerstone work account from the IFF files.  We donate a lot of services so this is no small number.  Thanks in advance for any help getting this fixed for 2018.


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