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Just to follow up - double clicking to show the 'detail' of the consolidated retained earnings numbers might work for the OP, but if the problem is trying to run reports that you NEED the detail on for all the months, then as john-pero mentioned, you need to filter a P&L report for the accounts in question for the needed dates and not try to use the Chart Of Accounts "QuickReport" function.
A P&L report should display all the transactions for the given dates without auto-creating the retained earnings totals.

As I also mentioned, this is counter-intuitive to the workflow thinking - if I am running a detail transaction report on an account - I'm not looking for yearly closing entries. At least I should be given the OPTION to use/see that data. But logically,  if I am manually selecting dates that cross over the imaginary 'closing date' then chances are I am not looking to hide transactions from that report before a given date.
AND I would also suggest that in these reports where a 'retained earnings' line is AUTOGENERATED - this information is reflected DIRECTLY in the report. This would prevent HOURS of research into why the reports are showing an 'imaginary' closing date entry - when no such entry was created yet.
Some engineer somewhere thought they were being smart... when they really just cause headaches for those of us who want to see information in a way that they can't understand would be valuable to small business owner who doesn't study the books 40 hours a week.

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