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Quickbooks Mac 2016 crashes constantly in Mac OS Sierra

Good morning, I have been experiencing quite a few peculiar behaviors with desktop Mac 2019.

1. The dropdown customer/jobs lists (almost all of them, but not all) have re-ordered themselves out of alphabetical order. It is random. This is VERY annoying!

2. The window I am working in will suddenly resize much smaller and move itself to the bottom right of the screen, partially on and partially off the screen. It seems to happen a lot in invoices when I hit the tab button move to another field. This is VERY frustrating!

3. Today I am creating invoices. For years I have entered time in weekly timesheets. I put a detailed note in the description field. WhenI click on the clock icon in invoices to add the time to the invoice and I check the item and click OK, it has always added the description to the invoice description field. Today it has stopped. IT has also stopped populating the description field in the Choose Billable Time and Costs window where I check the item be billed. As I said, this is new today. This is time consuming as I have to go back to the timesheet and copy the description for each invoice.

4. Randomly dropdown lists will become unclickable and visually garbled and I have to tab through to the box and hope it drops down. On some occasions this invoke the small window moved to the bottom right effect.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this something others have experienced? It is very frustrating to use an application that has randomly variable actions that make it hard to use. Productivity through guessing is not my idea of a good way to work.

Does anyone know of a number I can call to discuss these weird occurrences?


Best, Scott

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