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That did not work.


Even if I delete the folders under the company-folder under attach, it fails.


In other words: I go to the attach folder, then the company sub-folder, and I see a bunch of folders (one for each "item" that has attachments).  I delete all of those folders, and when I try to rebuild links, it fails with Unrecoverable.


When I try to CLEAN links, it still claims to find 1 orphaned item that it supposedly moves to the inbox, but there's nothing in the inbox.


I tried the database verify and rebuild, it didn't change anything.


How does QB determine that there is an "Orphaned" item?  Obviously not by looking at the physical folders, because there aren't any, I removed all the folders.   Also not at DocCenter, because that shows no files.  Where is it getting this "1 orphaned item" from?  I believe there's some logical corruption in my database that the file doctor can't detect.


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