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Re: Customer refunds

I spent 4 hours with the tech and Payroll teams yesterday and stumped them both...they think it may be an internal error.  I ran a rebuild after a verify and got the codes 179 (but we don't download from the bank), and 278 which I couldn't find any web info on.


What is happening is: I run the Professional Services Report>Unbilled Expenses by Project.  (I have manually unclicked 4.5 Million dollars worth of billable check boxes that had been checked but were not really billable items from 2004 through 2019).  This left me with two categories of items still on this report.  None of them have billable check boxes.  They are 1) Refund of Client Overpayment checks (processed through the Customer Payments Tab) and 2) Paycheck line items associated with a client (but NOT checked as billable on the time sheets). 


Our Edit Preference box is not checked for "make all expenses billable."  Which should make the billable check boxes stay blank, unless we manually check them. Yet SOME items are still coming up with the check box automatically clicked as soon as I enter a client name into the Customer field on a check or bill, etc, and we have to manually remove them, so there's a glitch there.


For the paychecks I cannot delete them as they are run through Intuit.  I have checked the payroll item setup (nowhere to mark as "billable"), payroll time sheets (there are NO Billable check marks on any payroll item line). 


On the refund checks, they were created via the Customer> Receive Payments>there was no invoice to attach to, the box in the bottom right comes up and says "do you want to refund to customer?">yes>QB created the refund check, Accounts Receivable offset as the account, client name, no billable check box checked.  We ran several scenarios. We deleted them, and ran e created credit memos first, then refunds.  Same issue as creating the checks directly.  Tried deleting the credit memos and refund checks and adding a journal entry instead.  Same issue as long as I added a client name, regardless of whether there is a billable check box or not.


We ran a verify and rebuild from the source computer.  Got the error codes 278 and 179.


Any enlightenment you might have would be appreciated. 



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