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Improvement Request: QuickBooks, In the “Build Assemblies” screen, can you add a column for “Available” quantity?

Hi QuickBooks and All ,


To QuickBooks:  In the “Build Assemblies” screen, can you add a column for “Available” quantity?


(To Everyone:  If you feel this improvement would be helpful to you, please reply or put a “cheer” vote.  Thank you!)


QuickBooks, can you make this change so it will be in the 2020 release of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?


Problem:  When we create a work order (pending build) in QuickBooks, we see “On Hand” quantity, but not “Available” quantity.  So, we could end up creating multiple work orders without realizing we don’t have enough parts “Available” for the work orders. 


Solution:  Please add a column to show Available” quantity in the “Build Assemblies” screen.


(To get to the “Build Assemblies screen in QB Desktop Enterprise, go to menu bar Inventory - Build Assemblies.)



  1. On Hand Quantity: Parts we have in inventory.  For example, parts we could pull out of our cabinets right now.
  2. Available Quantity: Parts that are not assigned to a purpose. In other words, the parts are “Available” because they haven’t been claimed for another purpose. A purpose would be a Pending Build (Work Order) or a customer Sales Order.


For reference, here's the Available formula:

Available quantity = On Hand - For Assemblies (also known as On Pending Builds) - Sales Order