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Scheduled Backups Create Temp File

I recently had a problem where my scheduled backups stopped running all of a sudden. I resolved this using the fix in this thread:


For whatever reason, my settings for scheduled backups were removed from my company file settings. I re-created them but I changed the time the backup runs. The scheduled backups are running according to the new settings but for some reason there is a QBTempBackup.tmp file being created at the time I had previously set the backup to run.


For example: one of my company files was set to backup at 11:30PM each night. When the backups stopped running I reset the scheduled backup to run at 11:50PM. Now the backups are running at 11:50PM, but there is a temp file being created with a time stamp of 11:30PM.


This has something to do with the scheduled backups failing prior to applying the fix mentioned above as company files that did not have backups scheduled until after implementing the fix do not have the issue with the temp file. How can I resolve this?