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On bank feeds transaction list, view details on auto-matched transactions doesn't show date and details anymore. What happened?

After I have downloaded a bank account or credit card, I open the Transaction List and then I open the Auto-Matched list.  Quite often there are transactions that have duplicate amounts (monthly fees, fees of the same amount that happen more than once a month, etc). 


Before I accept them, I go to the "Action" column, and click on the "Select" drop down to select "View Details".  Usually this will show the details of both sides (the bank transaction side, and the QBs register side).  I have noticed that the date and check number doesn't show anymore on the QBs side.  So I don't know if the match is correct or not, or a duplicate that has to be added.  This just started happening with multiple clients (files) and I don't know how to fix it.


Is anyone else having this issue, or is it a glitch.  How do I fix it so that I see the details of the entry in QuickBooks?  And by the way, this has just started happening with ALL QuickBooks versions!!

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