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Advanced Pricing - Price rules - price override and setting pricing per item not working correctly

We manufacture product and have 3 levels of discounts, Jobber, dealer and distributor that gets associated with each customer.  It's based on purchasing amount each customer does with us and each tier gets a better discount.  To complicate things not all products get a flat rate discount across the board because our margins are significantly different from product to product.  For example at Jobber price level one item may have a 10% discount from base price while another product may have 15%.  Same for dealer and distributor price levels.       


Price levels,  Price level type: Per Item - works except for the incredibly inefficient way to enter the custom price.  We have about 4000 items in our item list and you have to scroll through and find the item you want to set, check the item, and then set the custom price.   Now given each item will have the three tiers of price levels (Jobber, dealer, distributor), I have to do the same for each price level.   Another thing to mention is that you can export/import price rules with a 3rd party transaction import/export tool (Saasant, Transaction Pro, Zed Axis, etc).  Which makes our initial bulk entry easier on all these price levels.


We have Enterprise premier edition so I enabled advanced pricing (on a test file) and have been playing with price rules.  The good part is you can now search the item list instead of scrolling through 4000 items, the bad news is you can only do a flat % up/down or fixed amount price change on all the items.   A way around this is just select all the items and then use the Option: Price Overrides - and there you can set each custom price.  The issue is if you use the "Find" feature to find the item you want to change, it then gets rid of all your other price overrides and does that one item only.   For example I had as a test did custom pricing for about 10 items.  Then to simulate us adding a new item to our list and setting pricing, I went to our Jobber price rule, went to Price Override, searched that new item and set custom pricing.... poof the 10 custom prices were gone and only now the one is there.  This doesn't make much sense at all.   Another issue I see is that you cannot export/import with price rules, no 3rd party app that I found supports that.


Is there is a best practice here for having tiered discount structures for customers and different discounts based on item?  So far I found that using the basic price levels and not advanced pricing is the way to go but it's painful scrolling through a huge item list each time you add or edit a product pricing.

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