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Re: Unresolved issue

On June 6th my QB appeared normal, on June 7th when I opened it, it had black & whites lines on the check register & the write checks was blacked out. Contacted QB long story short they had me sign up for Intuit Customer Care then send them my company file so they could repair it. They were not able to repair it to date of June 7th but rather May 15th. Which is the same date I upgraded from QB 2016 for Mac to QB 2019 for Mac.

Wed the 19th I was instructed to download the "fixed" company file & contact the tech support 1800 number to do so, that way they could walk me through it as to not screw anything up in the download process. So while downloading step by step by tech support an error came up during the rebuilding data. The tech rep at that point tried everything she knew how & told me the data services tech would be calling me.....speed up to today, about 5:30pm my time the data services tech finally called me after I spent several hours pestering them to have someone call me through email, chat & on the phone simultaneously. Once again speed up to current time of 6:30pm my time, data tech said they could not do anything that I would be transferred to tech support (yes you guessed it, the same people that tried everything Wed & referred me to data services, do you see a pattern here?) once again tech support went through everything she knew how & error message still coming up during rebuilding data. Then she hung up on me after I refused to be told AGAIN that I would have to wait for someone from data services to call me & resolve the issue.