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Hello.  I pay two employees manually using our bank's online Bill Pay vs. payroll direct deposit.  I goofed a paycheck, depositing the gross amount vs. the net.  Wow.

To compensate, on the next payday I reduced the normal paycheck by the amount overpaid - not in QBO payroll, just in the manual bank online Bill Pay.  The employee now has the correct total deposit for these two paydays.

When trying to match these transactions, I figured out the overpaid 1st paycheck: "Find" the real payroll transaction, then click the Resolve button, plug in the overpayment amount - I put it under Payroll Expenses, seemed reasonable for now.  This works great....

For the 2nd paycheck with the deposit lower than the true paycheck, when I try a Find, it won't find the underpaid deposit at all, so no way to add in another Revolve amount to make it all add up.

If you have ideas on how to reconcile this small mess, I would appreciate it!

(This shows as a reply - I couldn't see how to start a new discussion - sorry!)

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