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Quickbooks Workforce

Not sure if there is a solution to this problem.  QB support has declined to the point that it feels actually useless.  I set up QB Workforce.  Sent two test invites out to one employee and myself (payroll administrator).  Employee 1 accepted and was able to set up account.  Me, I accepted the invite, followed the link to set up account, the nightmare started here.  There was an endless circle round and round until it timed out.  This went on for two days, no success.  I tried to use my secondary email address, same result.  QB support was useless, as they didn't understand my question, kept stating the obvious, saying I need to set up my account after accepting the invitation, um, yes, but it's timing out and not successful. How do I set up my Workforce account after my first and second invitation has been ruined.  Workforce can't recover my account because it says its in use, but there's no way it could be in use as I never successfully finished creating an account. I also tried another web browser.  While taking steps to recover my account from either email address, a series of dead end errors display.  Ex:  "! Something's not quite right"  "Ooops something went wrong"  "Hmm your account cannot be found"  "That username is already registered"  Of course each time I try to reset a password, one of the above messages display.  The person who can solve this will be placed on a virtual pedestal.  :)

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