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Hi WendieS

I too only use the Desktop version for non internet features; and am getting a script error EVERY TIME I open QuickBooks; and it started yesterday! All these posts saying it's solved don't work for me. I tried chatting with help; and after asking me to take the time to explain my problem; he sent me to a SALES PERSON and that was it! They wasted my valuable time. As a small business owner, our time is precious! I have no idea why we are being told it's related to the internet; when we don't even use the internet for QuickBooks! We use 5 features, all on the accounts receivable side; none of which require an internet connection; and we back up to a thumb drive; not a cloud. As far as I know, QuickBooks isn't interacting with the internet; so why did I have to spend all night trying to fix this Script Error; when the answer isn't relevant.

I tried every option the QuickBooks Team gave thru this option; and the settings were right where they wanted me to put them; so I couldn't make any changes; since everything was as it should be. Good Luck with your endeavor in trying to get Intuit to address this issue for EVERYONE; as we shouldn't have it in the first place!

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