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Hi there, michael24012020.


As of now the auto-fill for notes is unavailable in QuickBooks Online (QBO). Although, you can  set up and create a recurring transaction template for your invoice. I'll show you how to do that.


  1. In your QBO company, go to the Gear icon and select the Recurring Transactions.
  2. Select the New button, choose the Transaction type then hit OK.
  3. In the Recurring invoice transaction page, enter the Template name.
  4. For the Type, you can enter it as Scheduled so that it will automatically send invoice to your customer.
  5. Choose the customer you wish to receive this transaction.
  6. Enter the necessary details and make sure you set up the the Start date and occurrence correctly.
  7. Verify the details and hit Save template.


Here's how the transaction looks like.



For more information about the recurring transactions, you an check this article: How to create a recurring invoice and manage recurring transactions.


Also, in the future, you can always change the status of your transaction by going back to the Gear icon then select Recurring Transactions. After that click the drop-down icon beside the Edit tab. Here's a screenshot for your reference.



Let me know if there are some thing that you need us to help. We're always here back you up.

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