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I actually reached out to Dymo first. This same thing happened when I upgraded from 2016 to 2018 Pro as well, but support from either you or Dymo was able to correct the issue at that time and make the add in show up after about 2 hours on phone support.


This time, Dymo tells me that they have not been able to make the add in work since version Quickbooks Pro 2018, and the rep I spoke with acted like this was not going to be a priority (obviously since it has not worked sine 2018).


So, my question was: is there a label printer out there that actually integrates with Quickbooks Pro 2020 that I can purchase to then be able to capture and print an address from an open invoice in Quickbooks, just like I have for years until this last upgrade?


All I want is what I had right up until I upgraded. I have a membership pool of customers that all get a member card and receipt mailed to them, and the most efficient way to deal with the mailing label was to have Dymo extract the address right form the open invoice at the time of accepting payment and printing the invoice.  I have 1850 customers that each get a mailed card whenever they renew throughout the year, so trying to bulk print labels or hand pick 12 out of a list of a couple thousand customers is simply, well, stupid and extremely time consuming. 


It seems like a simple request. Give me a list of printers that Quickbooks allows integration with so I can buy one and move on. 


Thanks, Don


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